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Osteopathy In Pregnancy

Osteopathy in Pregnancy

During pregnancy your body naturally alters in order to make space for your baby. Although many women find that they are feeling energised during this time other women find this adaptation slightly harder.

It is not uncommon to suffer from aches and pains at this time. The surge of hormones can sometimes mean that these changes occur too rapidly or not quickly enough and sometimes gentle treatment including massage, articulation and posture advice can be all you need to ease those daily discomforts.

After pregnancy your body also needs time to settle down as well as adapting to the altered positions that having a little one can bring, for example- feeding and changing. Osteopathy can help ease these strains within the body to help with this adaptation.

Is Osteopathy Safe in Pregnancy?

Osteopathy can be incredibly safe in pregnancy. Treatment is gentle and non-invasive. Your practitioner will take a full case history from you and adapt the treatment type and positions to best suit your stage of pregnancy. Your Osteopath will support you with appropriate pillows to allow you to feel most comfortable.

What are the Benefits of Osteopathy During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy you are likely to experience aches and pains as your body adapts to new postures to accommodate your growing baby. These adaptations include the softening of ligaments and weight increase that can lead to additional pressure on joints in various parts of the body, including the spine or pelvis. Osteopathy can be useful in treating these areas to help reduce pain.


How Far Along in Pregnancy Can Osteopathy be Performed?

Osteopathy can be used for the entire duration of your pregnancy. Your practitioner will adjust their techniques to suit the stage of pregnancy you are in and accommodate positions and treatment type accordingly but as a gentle non-invasive treatment it can be used to good effect throughout this period of time.

What Types of Osteopathy are Suitable During Pregnancy?

During your pregnancy soft tissue and massage techniques can be used to loosen off tight muscles. Gentle stretching and mobilisation to joints such as hips, lower back, knees, and shoulders can help loosen stiffness that you may experience. Cranial Osteopathy is good for inducing a state of relaxation.

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